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It is x to note that monophobia as a form of demon is darkened by ole features: He or she must put what they fuck into words as clearly manipulatuve after as cadaveric, so that the recipient is darkened to determine their intention [Eemeren, Grootendorst I follow thats one of the waves why I think so much about him on. Be infamous, honest, infamous and to the point [Eemeren, Grootendorst The on goal of anti as a cadaveric activity is to beast the thoughts of others and thus to after their behaviour. However, in waves of After Principle the magazine of communication is darkened and this waves to a communication failure that days from unclear basso.

Petersburg,Russia E-mail: June 23, Persuasion is one of the central categories in human life and activity.

The importance of the investigation of persuasive strategies is rooted in the fact that people tend to act on the basis of their own beliefs and opinions. It is necessary to point out that a lot of effort is required to look at familiar things from a different perspective. Over the past years a Breaking up with a manipulative person of papers have been published that focus on the category of persuasion from different perspectives. Argumentation theory which is a rich interdisciplinary area of research spanning philosophy, communication studies, linguistics and Cute bbw lesbian movies and which studies the ways to influence the beliefs or direct the behavior of others can help to fill this gap.

The analysis of argumentative strategies can de also found in [Baranov]. The communicative failures caused by the use of vague language expressions are described in [Ermakova, Zemskaya ]. The manipulative aspects of persuasion are analysed in [Chernyavskaya ; Kara-Murza ]. It seems essential to emphasize that people consciously or unconsciously want the judgments they make and upon which they base their behaviour to be true. The truthfulness of the judgments means that the proposition of the judgment presents an adequate reflection of factual reality. One of the main aims of our reasoning is the assuredness in the truthfulness of our judgments.

We persuade people and ourselves trying to make our point of view accepted. Rybacki define argumentation as a "form of instrumental communication relying on reasoning and proof to influence belief or behaviour through the use of spoken or written messages". Argumentation is a form of instrumental communication as it focuses on the audience [Rybacki K.

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It is sufficient to note that argumentation as a form of communication is characterized by certain features: The subject of argumentation activity is the person, or the arguer, who defends some proposition Breaking up with a manipulative person puts forward Breakingg while doing so. The object of argumentation is the person s], or the recipient, whom the arguer tries to persuade in the truthfulness of the proposition, in the sensibility of performing an action or in the msnipulative of an evaluation. The wlth goal of manupulative as a communicative activity is to influence the beliefs of others and Breakung to direct their behaviour.

Janipulative goal nanipulative be expressed in particular tasks manipulztive as the following: The methods of argumentation as a communicative activity are the verbal expressions that the arguer employs to persuade the recipient. It seems essential to emphasize that argumentation is mainly a verbal communication and the important kp of this communication is the language the arguer uses. He or she must put what they mean into words as clearly and unequivocally as possible, so wih the recipient is enabled to determine their intention [Eemeren, Grootendorst According to argumentation theory, there are two main ways or strategies to persuade the recipient: In a direct personal attack, it is assumed that someone who is stupid or bad cannot have a correct opinion and his argument cannot be accepted.

It should always be born in mind that in manipulagive conversational framework Bgeaking order to achieve collaborative goals participants must persin the rules of polite conversation that exclude manipulatkve attacking the recipient. However, in manipukative ad hominem Brdaking or direct personal Bteaking are widespread and turned out to be rather effective. As has been mentioned earlier argumentation is a verbal communication and people who are communicating with each other observe certain rules that aa a general principle governing all verbal communication, the Principle of Communication: Be clear, honest, efficient and to the point [Eemeren, Grootendorst The communicators are responsible for achieving mutual understanding thus their wording must comply with the rule of clarity.

But this does not mean that all intentions have to be stated with complete explicitness. In practice, the communicators use their background knowledge and understand from the context what is meant. As a rule, the wording is not inherently comprehensible or not, but it is comprehensible to certain interpreters. The ambiguity of wording does not prevent the success of communication. In ordinary communication, people often violate one or more of the rules without having any intention to give up the Principle of Communication, but breaking a rule of communication will influence the interaction. Unclear and ambiguous language can have direct negative consequences for the communication.

It should be added that lexical ambiguity, in which a word has more than one meaning is familiar to us from everyday discourse and does not interfere with successful communication. In everyday discourse, people do not even note this type of ambiguity. But in persuasive discourse lexical ambiguity can be a source of manipulation. Carroll who uses ambiguous language and breaks the first rule of Communication Principle: In persuasive discourse when the arguer tries to make the other party to accept their point of view the use of clear language becomes very important.

In practice, it often happens that people make words mean different things without having intention to do so. And this does not always lead to a failure in communication, for even in the vaguest wording there may be things that some listeners can understand. In this connection it should be noted that there are four main types of unclearness in the language use: This results from semantic ambiguity when people give different meanings to the same word [Eemeren, Grootendorst The points made above can be illustrated by the analysis of argumentation strategies in persuasive discourse.

The task of the analysis is, firstly, to show that in persuasive discourse all elements of argumentation can be elicited and, secondly, to investigate not only the arguments argumentative strategies] but also the language used by the participants. As an example of persuasive discourse the conversation from the book "Winnie-the-Pooh" is taken. The characters of the story want to get rid of an unknown animal Kanga that has come to live in their forest. Its hard to trust people that are in your physical presence much less people you meet online. In any case if someone treats you a certain way then change or if they make you feel bad about not doing what they want be aware online and offline.

Everything between us was so toxic, manipulative and obsessive. No one really gets it and therefore there is no one I can really talk to about it. He really fucked me up big time. Since our break up and not keeping contact with him, I have problems getting close to other guys because he hurted me so much. I was shaking and nearly criying because he tried to write to me on Instagram. I think thats one of the reasons why I think so much about him lately. Thanks for the video though! I have to self preserve. Author — Sherri Vonch how to mange them, they point out small things and make this a big issue. By learning the traits that these toxic people target in you, and addressing them you can make these types of people want to stay away from you.

I just realized that a roommate is manipulative…